ESSAY, STEM, & SAT/ACT/MCAT TUTORING (in-person and/or online)


  • since 2006: top-rated professional tutor                                                                                                                                               - in US homes and online throughout year  (all subjects tutored)                                                                                                     - in college prep firm's Hong Kong classrooms over Summers 2011-2016 (only SAT/ACT & TOEFL Prep tutored)
  • 2 Master's Degrees:  Science Teaching (Hunter College, 2007) & Public Health (Rutgers/UMDNJ, 1998)
  • CEO/Director of The Tutoring Annex (a southern NJ network of public school teachers who tutor after school)
  • Director of Hybrid Tutoring Development for an international educational foundation
  • Course Developer of In-Person SAT Prep (Verbal) for a Hong Kong college prep firm
  • Content Developer of Online SAT Math Prep for a NJ tutoring firm
  • Content Developer of AP Physics iPhone App for an educational technology firm
  • Former Biomedical Researcher & NYC Public HS Science Teacher
  • Founder/Director of EducationEquity Foundation, a small non-profit that provides excellent Science&Calculus tutoring to pre-meds who could not otherwise afford it
  • Trained/Certified as TOEFL (Speaking) scorer by ETS
  • ‚ÄčNational Tutoring Association member


  • work as composer of AP Physics Exam practice questions (employers: ETS [contract for College Board], and currently  Albert) 
  • scored 100% on general Science content knowledge test required to teach any HS Science in NJ
  • worked as biomedical researcher (Biology & Chemistry) trained in mechanical engineering (Physics)
  • worked as developer of AP Exam Prep (Physics) iPhone app for educational software firm
  • trained as MCAT (Physics & Chemistry) instructor by a national test-prep firm

I am a perpetual student, who finally realized that his expertise (the methodology for learning academics) could be useful to others.
My engineer parents groomed me to be an engineer as well, so my many years of education prior to graduate school were full of Math & Science. I have since focused on education, especially the arc from high school STEM courses to the transition into college STEM courses. Consequently, my last (I have 2) Master's Degree was in Science Teaching.
But my 1st Master's Degree was in Public Health, with years of computer research in molecular epidemiology and lab research in antibiotic development. I thus am now quite interested in helping motivated students help themselves through the academics required of them in order to enter the health field.
In my decade of tutoring, I've seen many caring students abandon their health care hopes when they get discouraged in traditionally-taught core Science courses. The health care field in particular, and our society in general, is the poorer due to losing these students.
Lastly, I like to think of myself as well-rounded:  I also eat & sleep.