We tailor your course to your needs, as determined by both

  • a preliminary assessment before your course begins
  • ongoing assessments during your course

Thus, fewer sessions are needed.

Qualifications of Shenzhen Tutor (Dan Jetter)

  • Since 2006, when Rutgers hired him to tutor Calculus, Dan has also professionally tutored SAT/ACT Prep throughout New York City & New Jersey.
  • For Summers since 2011,  Dan has also professionally tutored SAT/ACT Prep & TOEFL Prep @ a Shenzhen UScollege-prep firm (Dan developed these courses for the firm)
  • ETS trained & certified Dan as a rater for its TOEFL Speaking section
  • Earned Master’s Degree in Education

Number of Sessions

  • Reading:                              1-4 sessions, depending on student proficiency*
  • Writing (MultChoice):        1-4 sessions, depending on student proficiency*
  • Math:                                    available by request, 1-to-1 tutoring only
  • Writing (Essay):                   available by request, 1-to-1 tutoring only

*student proficiency initially assessed by free PreTest taken @ home, then monitored throughout course   as test-taking skills improve.


  • This SAT/ACT Prep emphasizes individualistic learning methods used in the US education system, minimizing rote study.
  • For China-educated students planning to take STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math) courses @ US colleges, Dan can integrate non-rote STEM tutoring into their SAT/ACT Prep tutoring.(available STEM subjects:  Chemistry, Physics, Biology, MCAT Prep, Calculus)
  • In near future such integrated STEM tutoring will also be done online throughout the year by      NYU students/faculty/alumna

Website               www.OnCallTutor.org

  • For Student Reviews, Teaching Methodology, & Additional Qualifications of Shenzhen Tutor (Dan)

e-Mail                   dan@OnCallTutor.org

ESSAY, STEM, & SAT/ACT/MCAT TUTORING (in-person and/or online)