The Essay Coach process:

  1. The student e-mails Dan a phone-photo or scan of the essay that s/he wrote, and now wants edited
  2. Dan types the essay as written (ie, without corrections) into a Word document
  3. Then, during the (in-person or online*) session between the student & Dan, all of the following are done simultaneously:
  • Dan edits the Word document of the essay WHILE
  • The student participates & watches her/his essay in Word as it is being edited WHILE
  • Dan asks the student pertinent editing questions - through which Dan teaches Essay Writing to the student

*For online sessions:

  • Both the student & the tutor share the Word document of the essay on their screens
  • Editing comments are clearly noted, and saved, in Word’s “Review” mode
  • After the session, the document – now replete w/ edit notes – is e-mailed to the student
  • After the session, the video and/or audio of the entire session can be e-mailed to the student if a recording was requested before the session began