EducationEquity Foundation (EEF) is an efficient, IT-enabled adaptation of both my for-profit tutoring of HighSchool/College students & my not-for-profit training of college peer-tutors.

EEF is the non-profit* arm of my business, OnCallTutor LLC.

Thumbnail description of EEF

mission:                                                                                                                                                                                                        via free STEM tutoring (in-person/online hybrid provided by me & college peer-tutors I train), helping financially disadvantaged students academically prep for – and then academically succeed in – their college STEM core courses.

target students:                                                                                                                                                                                financially disadvantaged HighSchool/College students (esp students who seek to enter health care), but don't have the necessary educational background in STEM

subjects focused on:
STEM (esp pre-med cores of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, & Calculus) 

Current Project
training peer-tutors for Skirball Science Learning Center @ CUNY’s Hunter College

Where This Fits Into Long-Term Mission 

     HIGH SCHOOL              SUMMER             COLLEGE

      FREE traditional tutoring       FREE academic bootcamp bridge      FREE peer-tutor training
      Future Project                          Future Project                                       Current Project of EducationEquity Foundation

Thumbnail description of my skills & experience

  • trainer of college STEM peer-tutors (currently appointed @ Hunter College)
  • STEM tutor (over 2250 hours of experience in tutoring @ HS & College levels:  Chemistry, Physics, Biology, & Calculus)

I thus am familiar with students’ most frequent STEM prep deficits, and how to help students over them.

  • STEM classroom teacher (over 2500 hours of STEM teaching experience in urban public schools)

I thus am familiar with the educational weaknesses - but also potential strengths - of disadvantaged kids.

  • Master's Degrees in 1) Science Teaching (Hunter College) AND 2) Public Health (Rutgers/UMDNJ)

For details about the for-profit tutoring co-basis of EEF, please see the "For STEM:  Summer College Prep Intensive" page of my tutoring business website (

For details about EEF and its peer-tutor training, please see


*note:                                                                                                                                                                                                                I am not registering EducationEquity Foundation, a non-profit, as a 501(c3) organization b/c I need to focus on developing the Foundation's pedagogic methods. I can afford neither the distraction nor the legal costs of red tape.